Thursday, January 12, 2012

India Day 3

Day three. Today has been very tiring, but very good. We went to Home of Love earlier, today so we could start painting. While the other part of our team was painting, the documentary team went into the village around Home of Love to capture the environment and people that live in the surrounding area. We met many interesting people, and towards then end had people coming up to us wanting their picture taken. I even crawled into a truck with a couple of them because they wanted their picture with me! I had a blast in the village and then we headed back to the Home. We got back and did some interviews and B-Roll with the team that was painting. After lunch we met up with another organization that is at Home of Love, Invisible Girl Project. They are an awesome organization! They support 4 organizations (Home of Love is one of them) by raising awareness and support for them in the US. Every girl that lives at the Home is supported by a sponsor through Invisible Girl. They had all of the sponsors write letters to the girls and today we got to capture them handing them out to the girls. They loved them! We captured a ton today and so from 4-6 we just hung out with the girls and played with them. Donna found me right away and so did Pria. They wanted pictures so we took one together so I can get it printed and give to them. After that we came back and went out to eat. Today was very eye opening in the way that these girls are looking for people to show them love. They are so eager for someone to love them that they want to get to know anyone that will show them love. Please pray that our team stays rested. We are all starting to get tired and we still have a long way to go. Thanks for all of your encouraging comments! Here are some pictures from today:

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