Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 8

Today we went to visit IJM (International Justice Mission) and different orphanage. It was really cool to see IJM and get to hear about what they are about and their efforts help fix corruption in different areas of the world. After IJM we went to an orphanage that is run in the city (Home of Love is not in the city). It was interesting to see the differences. Because it is in the city they don’t have the option to build out, only up. The limit of space means they have to be very strict with the scheduling to make sure that the space is utilized to its fullest extent. Even though these organizations are run differently and are serving different people, their main goal is the same, to help people and to show them the love of Christ. It is really cool to see how we can come together and work for Christ’s Kingdom, but have it look so different at the same time.

One of our leaders, Nirup, gave the devotional at IJM today. I’ve been praying about decisions that I’ve needed to make and I knew God was teaching me something through him. He said this, “always choose Kingdom influence over worldly success”, and “because Christ is extraordinary, we can be ordinary”. These were things I totally needed to hear and really were an answered prayer.

Later, before dinner we went to the market to shop and take some pictures. It was really a different experience than shopping before. This place was CROWDED and I did not like it at all. But I found awesome shoes and they were only about $8.

Enjoy the pictures!

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