Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 9

Today we kicked off VBS! We went to the HOL in the morning to finish painting (and for me to sort a week of footage) In the afternoon we started day one of VBS. It started pouring almost as soon as we started so our plans quickly changed. We started with some songs and making team flags. Afterwards, we had a skit prepared for them. It was about Elijah and being able to show that his God is greater than any other. The girls loved it and can’t wait for tomorrow. When we returned, we went to a restaurant that seemed just like a dessert restaurant, but also had amazing food. We gorged ourselves with chocolate cake and milkshakes first and then all ordered different dishes for dinner. I had penne, but it definitely had a spicy kick to it; It was really good. We headed back to the YWCA and worked on VBS preparation and blogging. Unfortunately the Internet was still not working, but we all have so many things to share with you that we hope it works soon! Please pray for VBS and the Documentary. There is a lot left to do for both of them and we only have 4 more days here in Chennai. Enjoy some of the pictures from today!

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