Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 5+6

Yesterday (our Saturday) we went to the beach to help the Invisible Girl people run a VBS for another orphanage they are connected with. We got there and did face painting, crafts, and fun games. The documentary team was busy filming interviews with the people of Invisible Girl so we can wrap up their video. This was apparently the first time anyone has ever done anything like this for the girls of this orphanage and they really loved it. When the day ended we went to the beach and all put our feet in the Indian Ocean! It was a fun day and we ended it by going back and enjoying a nice dinner at a local restaurant. We had a blast on the bus rides because they were about twice as long today. All of us are getting to know each other better, which is awesome. We also drove by some of the slums, which hopefully some of us will get to go back to later on in our trip.

Today, we started our day by going to church. We went to an English speaking church and it was family day. A bunch of families had prepared some sort of music for the congregation and it was amazing to see how talented everyone was. The service was 2.5 hours long with the message at the end. It was really good, and I started to realize things that God is teaching me that I couldn’t have learned back home or at school, which makes this trip even better. We then went to Varun’s parent’s house where they made us lunch. After that we went to a mall and all bought a ton of really awesome things. After that we came back and worked on some VBS preparation for the week.

This trip has been amazing and not at all what I had expected (which is a good thing). Please pray for clarity in my life as I have some decisions to make in the near future that I had thought I had already made.

Enjoy the photos, there aren’t as many, but we’ve been filming a lot more so I have less time for photography. Thanks for your support! -Ben

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