Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 4

Today, we were at Home of Love all day. When we got there in the morning we all worked on painting the wall. There wasn’t anything for the documentary team to do until after lunch so we helped too. The first thing we captured after that though was the girls writing letters back to their sponsors. They were including drawings and colorings as well. After that, we had lunch and then the girls were putting on a show for the Invisible Girl team. They had learned all of these different dances and songs and were so talented with them. We did a lot of work with Invisible Girl today. We helped them film a short web promo and then sat down with Brad to film his story and how he and his wife started Invisible Girl. After that we just hung out with the girls for little bit before we left. I saw Donna and Pria as usual. I’m not as tired today as I have been, but I am starting to desire different food. I like it, it’s just a little overwhelming because of the sudden change for so long. The mosquitos are terrible. I probably have over 20 bites on my legs from them. Tomorrow we are going to the beach to help run another orphanages VBS. The documentary team will be filming for Invisible Girl because this is another one of their partners. Thanks for reading, please continue to pray for us that we can continue building relationships here. Enjoy the photos. –Ben

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