Thursday, January 5, 2012

India Day 2

Whoa, I’m tired. Today was packed full of Home of Love. I was so tired last night that I fell asleep around 8! I woke up, opened my laptop to see what time it was and it was 4AM. I thought to myself, “I could get up and blog right now” but instead I forced myself to sleep until 7. We had breakfast and then headed to Home of Love to start filming. We decided that today would be a B-Roll day so that we could get footage that we would need as well as have more time to hang out with the girls so they would be more comfortable around us. During one of their breaks, Pria, the girl that calls me Ben10, came up to me and gave me a Ben10 Pen. I got to know her more as well as a few other girls, whose nicknames are Gellin and Donna. They call all of us brother or sister and love to play games. We played tag, played on the slides, and then went and played in the chapel. We didn’t leave until 6PM and then had a 1 and a half hour drive back. I fell asleep and was super tired when we returned, and even debated going to dinner. But we went to a hotel to eat and it was fantastic. Bri shared her Lassi with me, which looked like something I would never want to consume (it looks kind of like tapioca pudding, which I hate), but it was delicious.  I’m off to bed now, enjoy some of the pictures from today. -Ben


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